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12 Days of Giving

Join us for 12 Days of Giving as we count down to Giving Tuesday on December 1st!  Each day we will be sharing a story detailing the impact of giving to United Way NSV. We hope you will join us in the global movement celebrating a new tradition of generosity. Remember, every dollar that’s raised by United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley, stays here in our community!  Check out our daily story of giving here on our website or as they go live on Facebook and Twitter


Day One – 11/19 

12 Inspiring stories.
12 Days of Giving...
1 Giving Tuesday
1 Amazing United Way!

Join us for the next twelve days as we feature twelve stories from United Way programs and agencies that benefit from United Way NSV impact grants and donor designations, leading up to Giving Tuesday on December 1st, the one day a year designated for giving back, coming after Thanksgiving, black Friday and Cyber Monday. We hope you'll take part in the #UnSelfie movement with us. Check out for more details! #GivingTuesday #12daysofgiving



Day Two – 11/20

Sometimes the holidays can be trying and difficult, especially for those who have been recently laid off or lost a loved one. United Way supports the programs filling the biggest needs in our community, ensuring that mental healthcare is available for all of our residents. In a six month time period Concern Hotline/local law enforcement and the Blue Ridge Crisis Intervention Team have successfully intervened in more than 50 crisis/emergency phone calls due in part to funding from impact grants from United Way NSV. Support #UnitedWayNSV and #LiveUnited this #GivingTuesday



Day Three - 11/21

United Way funds the most urgent needs in our community, ensuring that our residents have the full spectrum of tools they need for a healthy life. One woman began her journey at The Laurel Center fleeing her abusing partner. She then received assistance from Literacy Volunteers to improve her literacy skills, as well as assistance from Healthy Families NSV to meet her parenting needs. Each of these agencies benefit from United Way NSV impact grant funds, and are combating some of our area’s biggest problems. Join us in providing a fresh start for those who need it. Make your gift on #GivingTuesday and #LiveUnited



Day Four – 11/22

Have you or someone you know ever needed a helping hand? 2-1-1 is a free phone number that connects people to help with every day needs and in times of crisis. It's available 24/7! #GivingTuesday is December 1st! We need your donations for this program and other #UnitedWayNSV programs that connect community members to services here in the Northern Shenandoah Valley! #LiveUnited



Day Five - 11/23

Families who are struggling to make ends meet are faced with many decisions on how to spend their dollars. We want families to be able to save where they can so they have to make less of those hard decisions. Family wise prescription savings cards have saved our local residents over TWO MILLION DOLLARS in prescription medication through over 78,210 claims since United Way NSV began the partnership. FamilyWize cards immediately lower the cost of medicine by an average of 42 percent. Help us in making health care affordable and accessible to all. Make your gift on #GivingTuesday to support this #UnitedWayNSV partnership.



Day Six – 11/24

Hunger among the elderly is growing at a rate faster than among any other age group.  The number of food-insecure seniors is expected to double by 2025. Through the #UnitedWayNSV impact grant program, 150-200 boxes of nutritious food are being delivered monthly to food insecure local seniors through 2015. Highland Food Pantry will be providing food for our neighbors today from 9-11:30 AM and 7-8 PM. Consider making your gift to United Way NSV this #GivingTuesday. A gift of just $1 a week will provide three months of means for one of our local residents. Help us make healthy and nutritious food available to all in our community. #LiveUnited



Day Seven – 11/25

Housing and homelessness is one of the challenges facing our community, especially in the winter months. #UnitedWayNSV targets funds to the needs that matter most to the people of Northern Shenandoah Valley, this year giving a grant for the WATTS homeless shelter, preventing an untold number or cold weather related deaths and injuries for 20 weeks a year. Make your gift this #GivingTuesday to ensure that the programs that combat our biggest challenges are supported in our community!



Day Eight – 11/26

Today we are giving thanks to our volunteers and community members who have donated their time and money to United Way. It is because of you we have impact grants available to help fund programs at local non-profits like Salvation Army that are providing turkeys to the food insecure. Everyone in our community is welcomed at First Presbyterian Church for a community meal today. Learn more here! Remember to make your gift this #GivingTuesday to support our community this holiday season! #LiveUnited



Day Nine - 11/27

Access to medical care can be life changing. One local resident, Mary, credits the support and treatment for diabetes she received at the Free Medical Clinic for turning her life around. Because she now has access to care, she is now able to hold a steady job and is currently seeking her college degree. Thanks to a grant provided by #UnitedWayNSV, 850 medical appointments for people like Mary were made possible for clients with chronic disease. Make your gift on #GivingTuesday and support our community’s vital programs and agencies. #LiveUnited



Day Ten - 11/28

United Way believes in making an education a possibility for all young people in our community. When summer came around one area mom could in no way afford to send her children to camp and still provide for their basic needs at home. Through impact grant funds provided by #UnitedWayNSV, Boys & Girls Club NSV was able to provide camp scholarships for the family. Come out today for a special United Way Rubbermaid Sale benefitting Boys and Girls Club! Don't forget, #GivingTuesday is December 1st!



Day Eleven – 11/29

United Way examines the biggest needs in our community ensuring funding goes where it does the most good. We prioritized funding for employment assistance, advance learning, career development, and life skills training for our local handicapped residents. Through fundraising and a #UnitedWayNSV grant, 35 disabled workers were gainfully employed in the community through NW Works Employment Services. Remember to make your #GivingTuesday gift on December 1st and #LiveUnited




Day Twelve – 11/30

Going home for the holidays? Have you ever thought about the difficulties that holiday travel can bring for an elderly or disabled person? United Way focuses funding on our community’s biggest needs, one of which is transportation. This time of the year transportation from nursing homes to visit families is available, offering a holiday experience that would otherwise be impossible for some of our residents. Thanks to a grant by #UnitedWayNSV more residents than ever have guaranteed and safe transportation because of our support of the WellTran program. Make your gift tomorrow on #GivingTuesday and #LiveUnited for all of our area agencies!


Giving Tuesday - 12/1

Make your gift online #GivingTuesday Gift today and support our vision to be the leader in fostering powerful partnerships to impact the human care issues that matter most to the people of our community. CHANGE starts here Can we count YOU In?  Every dollar makes a difference!