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As concerns over COVID-19 continue to grow, so do the financial implications for businesses and employees. People are losing work as businesses close and many families who already live paycheck to paycheck are struggling to make ends meet.  United Way NSV and the Valley Assistance Network (VAN) are closely monitoring the developments happening at all levels of government in order to stay up-to-date on resources and assistance available for those who are impacted.

This page will be updated as quickly and frequently as possible. If you have additional information or a change to the current information list, please email or call our office at 540-536-1610.



Direct link to Shenandoah County Specific Resources and Page County Specific Resources



I’m an individual who’s been affected by COVID-19. Can this Fund help me?

We understand many individuals and families have been affected by the outbreak already and more will continue to be affected. United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley is working to move resources to community-based organizations that are directly supporting local residents and families who are most affected by emerging health, economic, and social impacts.

While the Fund is not able to provide grants to individuals, we will be funding community-based organizations that have experience and history of providing people and families with services and support. As we begin to award grants, we will post them on this page. Please check back for a list of the organizations that may be able to assist you. If you are looking for resources now, please contact our Valley Assistance Network to learn more information or view our compiled a list of resources with information and links for programs and services that may be helpful.

My organization is interested in resources from this Fund. Can we be considered?

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting nonprofits in many ways, including increased demand for their services, lost revenue due to closures and cancellations, as well as other challenges. We are working closely with United Way NSV's Fund Relief Committee to ensure that the grants awarded meet the greatest needs in communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. In order to move resources quickly, we are not hosting a formal application process for the Fund at this time. You may email us at to make sure we are aware of your organization’s work supporting economically vulnerable residents and families.

I want to donate. Can I restrict my funding to a prioritized grantee?

To ensure we move resources as efficiently as possible and respond to needs of communities most impacted, we are not considering restricted donations at this time. The COVID-19 Relief Fund was created in hopes of providing a way to coordinate as many resources as possible.

Should I give to this Fund instead of making other donations?

This Fund was not created to be the only vehicle resourcing critical community activities during this outbreak. Rather it is working to facilitate getting more targeted resources into the community where it’s needed most. If the COVID-19 Relief Fund priorities align with your values, please consider making a donation. Please continue to give to organizations you regularly support, and those that need your help at this crucial time. Now is the time to double down for our community as we gain greater awareness of the depth and scale of the long-term ramifications of the outbreak.

What will NOT be included in the first phase of funding?

We anticipate multiple phases of funding to address the both the acute needs now and the longer-term impacts of the outbreak and recovery. In this first phase, we are prioritizing community-based organizations that are serving individuals who are immediately and disproportionately suffering from this crisis. We recognize several upcoming challenges, and as the crisis and long-term impacts continue to unfold, we will continue to work to evolve our funding strategies.

Based upon the charitable structure of the COVID-19 Relief Fund, our grants are limited to 501c3 nonprofit organizations, groups fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 nonprofit organization, or other charitable organizations able to receive a tax-deductible contribution, such as schools, faith-based organizations, and other public entities. We are not able to fund individuals or businesses directly, labor unions, or other 501c4, 501c5, and 501c6 organizations.

Is there a geographic area of focus for the Fund?

The COVID-19 Relief Fund will support community-based organizations serving Winchester City, Frederick, Clarke, Shenandoah and Page Counties.

When will you share who you fund?

We anticipate making a first round of investments within the week, and will publish the list of selected grantees here on this website, along with short descriptions of the services and support they are providing. We hope that this will help the community navigate available resources.

Is there a fee to contribute?

With a focus on getting resources out to the community in this critical time, there is no administrative fee for participating in the Fund. 100% of donations will go to community groups and leaders on the ground. United Way NSV is covering the cost of approximately 6 staff leading this effort.

How will the Fund shift gears if needed?

The Fund priorities may evolve as our region adapts to the COVID-19 outbreak. Crisis philanthropy recognizes the need to provide immediate resources for triage, as well as the importance of recovery resources to ensure community resilience.

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