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ALICE Awareness Week Challenges

Pick one of our ALICE Awareness Week Challenges! 


ALICE faces everything from food insecurity, to transportation instability, to struggling to have a clean set of clothes to wear every day and so much more. ALICE faces tough choices when their budget just doesn't cover the all the bases, choices like spending the last of they paycheck on shoes for work or food. By joining the challenge, you raise awareness of the staggering amount of people in our community who struggle with tough decisions every day.  Hunger, and instability spans across all races, ages, genders, locations, and education levels. Life can be unexpected and unpredictable and programs like the ones United Way supports are created to help people through the tough times and get back on their feet. 
What can you do to raise awareness and support for neighbors? 
Tell us a little bit about why you are joining this challenge
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