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Education, Income, Health.

We envision a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through Education, Income Stability and Healthy Lives.

United Way is about lasting solutions, not a short-term fix. Lots of organizations treat the symptom, or focus on a single issue.  We're doing something different by looking at the big picture - education, income/financial stability, and health.  These are the building blocks of our lives and our community.  Remove any one of them, and the others collapse.  Build them up and we have a strong foundation for a thriving community.  Please find below an example of how your contributions have made a difference in a persons life; there are thousands more that can be told.  


Education Success Story

I'd like to introduce you to Jordan, the young man pictured, who today is reading about grade level.  He is among 169 children in our community who last year improved the skills they need for academic success, thanks to you and your generous contribution in recent years.  

Why is it important to you and me that Jordan succeeds in school?

Like everything else, reading is easier to get right from the start. Learning to read by third grade is the most important predictor of on-time high school graduation and future success. That's why thanks to you and United Way, Jordan goes to the Boys and Girls Club and gets assistance from Mr. Danny with strengthening his reading skills. The center this past year had 100% on-time graduation progression. 

For fund distribution results for 2015 click here.  

Additional success stories to come in the future.