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Fund Distribution Committee

Fund Distribution Volunteer Applications are now closed. 

We invite the community to participate in our 2019 Grant review process as a member of a review panel to insure that the grants will meet the needs determined in the Community Needs Update 2017-2020 reflecting priorities and valuable input of the community, agencies and partners –Education, Health and Income. Panel members represent the contributing public and help to insure that donated funds are well spent.  Panel members work with other volunteers to review five to nine grant applicants and recommend monetary levels of support for specified programs.
An outcome based review process focusing on service results by grant applicants has simplified reporting.  This allows the panelist to see the difference made in the lives of the people being served.
Northern Region - TBA
Southern Region – TBA
(scheduled w/Panel Chair) - TBA
Southern Region - TBA
Northern Region - TBA

Apply to Participate in Fund Distribution