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Healthy Families NSV

Healthy Families-NSV        

301 N. Cameron St. Ste. 101       

Winchester, VA 22601


Empowering Young Families Everyday Healthy Families Shenandoah County (HFSC) is dedicated to developing, supporting, and empowering expectant and overburdened new families in Shenandoah County by providing systematic, early identification of at-risk families and offering ongoing in-home services and support to prevent child abuse and neglect and improve overall family functioning.


In 2017, Health Families will receive a grant for $6,700 to provide funding of the Cribs for Kids Service Project and Car Seat Safety Service Project. These programs provide an oppurtunity to screen pregnant women and parenting skills. A systematic risk assessment process is used to identify families who are overburdened and whose children are at high-risk for child abuse and neglect.