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Martin Luther King Day Service Project

Volunteer with United Way for Martin Luther King Day on January 21st, 2019!

For the nineteenth year, United Way NSV honors the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a community outreach event, hoping to share tools and information on local resources and assistance to the parts of the community that need the most help. United Way recruits local volunteers to help package and distribute donated items and informational material bags to families in the North End of Winchester. Donated items are sourced from Rubbermaid Products, area agencies, local non-profits and medical offices.

For MLK Day 2019, packaging will begin at 9:00AM at the Our Health Building, 329 N. Cameron St., Winchester, VA.

Distribution on foot will immediately follow packing, concluding by 11:30AM or earlier at various locations/neighborhoods in the North End. 

The project honors the memory of Dr. King by recognizing his belief that “everybody can be great…because everybody can serve”

Register here to volunteer to pack and deliver informational bags on MLK Day 2019! 

Non-profits and agencies - Do you have 600+ of something to be included in the resource bags? We want to assemble the best possible products, items and resources for our residents! We are accepting everything from informational flyers, to health items, to stressballs!  Let us know what you have; email Elise with a description of your item to see if it's a good fit!  


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