Stats & Stories from ALICE Awareness Week at VAN

What a busy week it has been in the Valley Assistance Network office! We documented calls and stories during ALICE Awareness Week.

Check out what our Resource Navigators were up to in this snapshot of a week serving the NSV community:

  • 274 Clients Served
  • 365 Calls, Texts, Emails
  • 40 New Client Intakes
  • 150 Referrals Made
    • 64 for rental assistance
    • 51 for utility assistance

Other needs served:

  • car repairs
  • food
  • diapers
  • legal
  • counseling
  • holiday programs and more!

Some of the stories we heard:

"I'm crying happy tears because we have been struggling just to catch up. To no longer be behind is such a relief and your helped make that possible for us! Having a new baby made us fall behind and you have just saved us to be able to get back on track! Thank you, thank you, thanks you!" - Elizabeth

"My landlord is not renewing my lease. The current rent is $975. The place I have to go to is $1,400 + $1,400 security deposit. I'm looking for help with the security deposit please." - Shannon

"I have an electric bill that is due to be cut off Thursday morning at *. I am in desperate need of help. I live by myself and my hours have been cut at work." - Karen