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VAN: What We Do

HOW IT WORKS: The core service of the VALLEY ASSISTANCE NETWORK (VAN) is a comprehensive Resource & Referral system to help families move from Crisis to Stability. 

Resources and Referrals (Phase 1)

Provide an easily accessible coordinated network of services to help people navigate resources in our community (ex- shelter, clothing, food, medical care, job training). 

Financial Education and Coaching (Phase 2)

Equip people with the tools and skills they need to get better paying jobs, keep more of what they earn, and save for their future. Using an Integrated Service Delivery model, clients will have access to an array of services by the Network’s partners such as budgeting, credit counseling and free tax preparation, with the goal of moving them up the ladder to self-sufficiency and ultimately financial  security.

Key Features for the Community

  • Reduces the challenges and barriers to accessing multiple services
  • Eliminates redundancy, decreases wait times for clients seeking help
  • Streamlined intake and eligibility requirements to make referrals easier
  • Increases income through VITA and EITC

Key Functions of VAN

  • Makes all services (Government, nonprofit) more efficient and effective
  • Enhanced information sharing to provide a better client experience
  • Fills a needed gap in our community by providing a central point of entry
  • Promotes self-sufficiency and economic mobility

VAN Clients : Nearly 70% of clients are considered ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed).  ALICE works hard every day to support their families, but struggles to cover the basics: housing, child care, food, healthcare, and transportation.  They are often one emergency – such as a major car repair or medical bill – from falling into poverty. ALICE often doesn’t qualify for government aid or social service programs, so they are virtually invisible to the system, their struggle unseen and unknown.  Learn more about ALICE here.


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