Youth Volunteer of the Year Award

The Youth Volunteer of the Year award is presented to an outstanding high school student who has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping others and who serves as an example to their peers.

Youth Volunteer of the Year for 2022

lia Lia Feit 
Youth Volunteer of the Year

Lia Feit is a senior at John Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia. She has a passion for volunteer work and engagement, and, over the course of her high school career, she has amassed over 300 hours of community service. This year, as Handley’s Interact president, Lia spends her time coordinating events, communicating with club members, and running weekly meetings. Despite a drop in activity and interest during the pandemic, Interact has grown back to over 100 members this year. Lia also volunteers at the Shenandoah Valley Discovery museum, helping to run summer camps for preschoolers. She is a member of National Honor Society and has done volunteer work with several local political campaigns and grassroots organizations. At school, Lia is an active member in many extracurriculars and clubs such as the debate and swim teams. After graduation, Lia plans to attend a four year college and major in philosophy or ethical studies and minor in linguistics. She hopes to attend law school in the future and specialize in immigration or environmental law. 

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