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Thank you to all of our supporters who contributed and helped us raise more than $15,000 for our ALICE Awareness Fund!

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41% of our local population...Local ALICE Graphic

don't make enough to make ends meet. That means that nearly half of our region doesn't make enough to get by. For far too many families, the cost of living outpaces what they earn. These households struggle to manage even their most basic needs - housing, food, transportation, child care, health care, and necessary technology.

These people - our neighbors, are called ALICE. 

ALICE, an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, is a new way of defining and understanding the struggles of households that earn above the Federal Poverty Level, but not enough to afford a bare-bones household budget.

When funds run short, cash-strapped households are forced to make impossible choices, such as deciding between quality child care or paying the rent, filling a prescription or fixing the car. These short-term decisions have long-term consequences not only for ALICE families, but for all of us.

Make change happen for ALICE

You could help make the difference. You can help a family in crisis not have to make one more hard decision. 

Learn more about who ALICE is and the research behind our fight to make life better for ALICE families all over our community.  


ALICE in our Community


"I am a single mom. I currently make $14 an hour, and the cost of living in Winchester is making it hard for me to find a place to live. I requested services to help me get out on my own. My daughter's father only pays $40 a month in child support. I have attempted to sign up for social services but it requires me to list my household members, which right now include my parents, so I can't get approved. I had to reach out for help to figure out how I can support my daughter and I on my income and to try and figure out how to build a life."

Linda- current VAN Client at United Way NSV

You could help make the difference. You can help a family in crisis not have to make one more hard decision.

Help us raise $10,000, enough to help 20 families with life changing ALICE Emergency Funds.

ALICE is only one flat tire away from financial disaster, one sick day away from not making rent. Just one unexpected expense can cause disaster for an ALICE family. But that is where you come in.




our goal

United Way NSV launched the ALICE Emergency Fund in 2018 after our first ALICE Awareness Week. The flexible fund provides one-time financial assistance to help families overcome an unforeseen emergency and advance them toward economic mobility. One-time grants of up to $500 can be provided to eligible applicants who are clients of Valley Assistance Network. All payments are made directly to verified vendors. 

As a guiding principal, our goal is to help families quickly stabilize a situation or help them advance to self-sufficiency. ALICE often has a limited savings and a car repair or illness can send them into crisis. Priorities are given to daycare and transportation assistance. Funding can also include housing, medical expenses, and areas where no other community resources are available.

To date, VAN has helped 8 families with a total of $4,000. Families received help in the following ways:

  • A month of daycare expenses for a single mom who landed a new job
  • A car payment and one monthly car insurance payment for mom who lost her job during COVID-19 and was still waiting for unemployment benefits.
  • Car repairs to ensure a family could have reliable transportation to get to work.   
  • Help with an electric bill after a family incurred medical bills and lost food stamps after a promotion at work. 
  • 4 families got help moving into a new home when they were forced to pay a double security deposit. Each family had to pay between $2,100 - $3,800 at the leasing signing to move in. Funding from our housing partners covered the security deposit. The ALICE Emergency Fund helped cover a portion of the second security deposit, and in each case, the family paid the first full month of rent.  






“It felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. This help meant the world to me when it felt like everything I worked for was falling apart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Jennifer, ALICE Emergency Fund Recipient


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This year’s ALICE Awareness Week is more virtual than ever, but there are still plenty of ways to fundraise! Sign up to fundraise and be an ALICE ADVOCATE! See our fundraisers and get ideas to get you started!

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Navy Federal Credit Union - $1,000

Capital Rehab of Winchester - $100

Winchester Oral Surgery Center - $210


Mary Broy     Mary Broy - $495

     Mary's goal is $834, which is the average cost for one month of food for a family with two adults and two children.

Jessica Lavey - $300