Community Partners

Making lasting change requires a great team.

Our region has hundreds of nonprofit organizations working to change lives for the better.  But none of us can bring about real change on our own. We know that we are most successful when we build networks of partners that bring the knowledge, expertise and on the ground execution to address all of the complex causes of the problems in our community.

Partner Agencies

United Way invests in grant funding in agencies we call Partner Agencies. In addition to grant dollars, Partner Agencies actively collaborate within our network, creating opportunities and collaborating in ways that would otherwise never be possible.  

See a list of our partner agencies below by impact type. To view a full list of 2020-2021 impact grants recipients click here.  Current agencies can find resources and benefits in our Impact Grant section.

To begin the process for becoming a United Way partner, please visit our Impact Grant page or contact our office at

Strategic Partners

There are many, many other organizations in our region doing important work. Although we don’t provide grant funding to all of them, we are still invested in their success. We partner with community organizations and non-profits that have the capacity to deliver the scope of services needed to make a significant impact on identified community needs.