Campaign Cabinet

Our all-volunteer Campaign Cabinet works to ensure the financial resources necessary for the United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley to improve the lives of residents in the City of Winchester, Clarke, Frederick, Page, Shenandoah, and Warren Counties through our annual Impact Grants. These grants are essential funding for the dozens of direct service organizations working in our communities to improve health, education, and financial stability. Our Campaign Cabinet’s efforts allow us to build and expand on a solid foundation of support for the Northern Shenandoah Valley and the worldwide United Way movement.


2023 Campaign Cabinet

Chair: Dr. Yolanda Barbier-Gibson, Shenandoah University

Vice Chair & Top 20 Chair: Candance Davenport, First Bank

Major Firms Chair: Erin Ebersole, City National Bank

Commerce & Small Business Chair: Diana Patterson, DSP Marketing & Consulting

Public Service Chairs: 

Education Chair: Jim Angelo, Frederick County Public Schools

Professionals Chair

Leadership Giving Chair: Scott Harvard, First Bank

Special Events/Day of Caring Chair: Beth Falu, Navy Federal Credit Union

Past Campaign Chairs

2022  Dr. Jason Van Heukelum 
2021  Lori Fountain-Bales
2020 Dr. Damon DeArment
2019 Jay Rudolph
2018 Wilborn Roberson
2017 Susan Brooks
2016 Mark Merrill
2015 Scott Harvard 
2014 Ron Kaplan
2013 Dr. David Sovine
2012 Mary Nordman
2011 Dr. Bryon Grigsby
2010 Bill Wolfe
2009 Patty Taylor 
2008 Jim Gaynor
2007 Tom Davison
2006 Robert Jones
2005 Dennis Kellison
2004 Mike Wilkerson
2003 Doug Wehrkamp
2002 Tricia Stiles
2001 Harry Smith
2000 Byron Brill
1999 Larry Van Hoose
1998 Scott Arthur
1997 Jim Stutzman, Jr.
1996 Glenn Burdick
1995 Harry Ridgeway
1994 Don Louque
1993 Al Whitt
1992 Frank Spurr
1991 Dave Goff
1990 Dr. Paul Stilwagon
1989 Tom Malcolm
1988 Jack Meehan
1987 John Schroth
1986 Ed Keenan
1985 Dorothy Brewer
1984 Bob Steig
1983 George Henzel
1982 Earl Potts
1981 George Romaine
1980 Tucker White
1979 John Capehart
1978 Larry Boppe
1977 Mike Foreman
1976 Carl Napps
1975 Phil Webber, Jr. 
1974 Alan Toxopeus
1973 George Froom
1972 Thelma Clore
1971 Lou Costello
1970 Rev. James Jackson
1969 Harry Doyle, Jr.
1968 Charles Toan
1967 Wilson Dickson
1966 Charles Toan
1965 Phil Hunter
1964 Wilkie Hunt
1963 Henry Lowery
1962 Robert J. Schmitt
1961 Dr. Robert S. Boyd
1960 Dr. Warren Gregory
1959 Marvin E. Gore, Jr.
1958 Charles Toan
1957 Charles Toan
1956 J. T. Kremer
1955 Charles Toan & Wilkie Hunt
1954 George Dixon & I. Fred Stine
1953 Burr P. Harrison
1952 Frank Armstrong, Jr.
1951 L. G. Sjostrom
1950 Paul Vance
1949 F. L. Largent, Jr.
1948 Lamar Keen
1947 Ed Moulden
1946 William M. Battaile