Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Our Commitment to Diversity

Acknowledging that racial and ethnic disparities persist, that Forumresult with disproportionate impacts for people of color in social determinants of well-being, is a foundational component in working towards racial equity within our communities.
We commit to developing a better understanding of the challenges our community faces when it comes to racial inequities. These inequities contribute to the disparities we see in the areas of health, education and financial stability and will continue to hold us back from being a just community where every person is valued equally, receives the full benefit of community belonging and has the opportunity to contribute, unless we address them.  

We are committed to addressing these inequities using the following strategies:  

  1. Listen and learn as we work together to heal, find solutions, and build a more equitable and just community. We don’t have all the answers, but we have the opportunity and obligation to actively listen, reflect, learn, act and encourage others to do so as well.  
  2. Engage in partnership with community-based organizations, following their leadership on how to address issues of institutional racism in our community.  
  3. Utilize data in order to inform the community and our partners on the issues that disproportionately affect communities of color and how they can be addressed.
  4. Develop and support programs and initiatives that address racial inequities. 
  5. Be a voice for the reforms and community support necessary to bring justice, equality, and equity to our society.

Living United means being courageous and eliminating the disparities that keep certain segments of our community from achieving opportunities for a better life. It means mobilizing the caring power of community to lift those most in need and create communities where no one experiences barriers to living healthy, thriving lives.

Community Forums

We are honored to be a part of a group of a variety of community groups that are committed to having conversations around race and racial disparities. In partnership with these groups we host forums that allow the community to hear from experts, ask questions, and discuss important issues that impact our entire community. 

Upcoming Community Forums:

  • Check back for more details as we plan upcoming forums. 

Previous Community Forums: