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FamilyWize Prescription Discount

Familywize Prescription discount

United Way Worldwide partners with organizations like FamilyWize that share the view that the way to improve lives is by mobilizing the caring power of communities. Our long-term commitments are essential to addressing key social issues, such as promoting financial stability and independence, and improving people’s health.Contact the United Way NSV to find out where to get your free FamilyWize prescription drug discount card. These savings cards are being distributed through United Way NSV, partner agencies and other organizations in the area for people with no or limited prescription drug coverage. There is no cost to you or your family for this discount card and there are no enrollment or eligibility requirements. 

You can then take these reusable prescription coupons to over 60,000 participating pharmacies for discounts on all FDA approved medicines.

How do I get a card?

  1. Cards are available at the United Way NSV office. Pick one up today! OR

  2. Text to Get a Drug Card by texting the word "Family" to 700700. An electronic free prescription card will be sent to your phone to show your pharmacis.

  3. Click here to download the app, download a card or print one out.

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