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One Black Dress Initiative Fundraiser Page

The initiative is not just about a week wearing the same black dress or suit. It is about harnessing the power of our community to make a difference. Thank YOU! By stepping up to support ALICE, we can change the life of our neighbors.

Thank you to Union Bank & Trust for their generous sponsorship of the ALICE Report and One Black Dress Initiative! Thank you Trex for sponsoring the One Black Dress Initiative!


Ready to get started? 

Step 1) Regiser now! Set up your own fundraising page to register as a participant, get looped in on events, and to start fundraising!

Step 2) Set your fundraising goal! 

Step 3) Share your fundraising page with your friends, coworkers, and family to reach your goal! 


Need ideas for your goal?
According to the ALICE survival Budget for a family of four...

$140.25 Food for a family for one week 

$191.75 Healthcare costs for one week 

$365.50 Childcare costs for one week for two children

$561 Food for an ALICE family for an entire month

$819 Rent for a family for a month

The more you raise, the more help we can give! 


You are also entered to win our raffle prizes for every $100 you raise!


So how do you raise this money anyhow? 

1) Social media! Let your friends and followers know what you are doing! Share your fundraing page and encourage your friends to donate to help you reach your goal!

2) Emails/snail mail/messages! Send word to your friends and family about your mission! 

3) In person! Tell your friends, coworkers, and the folks you see every day about One Black Dress! Once you have their interest, share your giving link or recruit them to create their own fundraising page! 


Ready to Start? Here are some useful tools:

Email templates

One Black Dress Logo

One Black Suit Logo

One Black Dress Daily Stickers

One Black Suit Daily Stickers

Link to all participant pages

Sign up HERE