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Planned Giving

Endowment Program

The United Way Endowment Program recognizes members of the community who have thoughtfully provided for United Way through a will/insurance plan or other estate plan. A planned gift to United Way becomes part of the organization’s endowment, helping to ensure that the programs and values that have made United Way great in the past will continue for years to come.   

Naming United Way in your will/insurance plan or trust is an easy way to make a difference.  It does not affect your current cash flow or assets, and it is easy to revise if your circumstances change. Best of all, the choice to include United Way as a beneficiary of your estate brings the satisfaction of leaving a legacy that will outlast you.  

We hope you will talk with your attorney to make arrangements for a bequest to United Way.  You can give a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or a percentage of your estate after distributions and cost.  Please let us know whenever you have completed a plan to include United Way in your estate so we can thank you for your generosity and welcome you to the United Way Endowment Program.