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Campaign Details
Become a Pacesetter!
Pacesetters kick off their campaigns a bit earlier than other businesses to really get the energy going and set a strong tone for the campaign. We ask Pacesetters to kick off their campaigns in August and early September, and either complete their campaign or at least begin reporting pledge totals prior to Day of Caring (September 15).

We publicize and announce our Pacesetters at the Day of Caring kickoff, attended by hundreds of people each year!
Campaign Materials
Pledge Forms

pledgeformWhile we still have our physical pledge cards and a fillable pdf version available (pictured right), we are now able to offer a customizable, online pledge card through our website!

Benefits of the online pledge card:

  • It can be specifically tailored to your company.
  • We provide you with a custom url that links to the pledge card for easy sharing with employees.
  • Reporting made easy!
    • Copies of each pledge card will be emailed to the employee submitting and the appropriate contact(s) managing your campaign.
    • UW Staff can easily pull all submitted pledge info as an excel spreadsheet, eliminating the need to collect them all from employees.

Click here for a virtual walkthrough of the online pledge card.

Campaign Brochures

brochureOur brochure and additional materials are all 8 1/2 x 11" flyers this year with QR codes for additional information. We wanted to make it easy for companies to share materials digitally or to print their own copies. Pictured right is the 2020 Campaign brochure.

All of our digital materials are also available on our website here: We will be updating the website with 2021 materials in July & August.

Campaign Videos

libaryWe have created a video library for campaigns to use as they need. Videos include a general campaign kickoff, agency speaker videos, VAN client testimonials, and more!

As pictured right, all videos can be found on our website at We will be updating the library with new videos for 2021 in July and August.

Anything we missed?