Volunteer of the Year Award

United Way Volunteer of the Year Award is presented annually to an outstanding local volunteer who’s individual commitment to helping others exemplifies the tradition and spirit of caring.  

The award recognizes:

  • Distinguished volunteer service to the community.
  • United Way participation and service.
  • Sustained and prolonged service to helping others.

Volunteer of the Year for 2020:

Volunteer of the Year
Scott C. Harvard

Scott HScott C. Harvard has served as President and Chief Executive Officer and Director of First National Corporation (“the Company”) since May 2011, where he has also served as President or Chief Executive Officer and Director of First Bank (“the Bank”) over the same time period. First National Corporation recently became the fourth company headquartered in the Shenandoah Valley listed on the Nasdaq National Stock Exchange. Prior to joining the Company, Harvard served as President, Chief Executive Officer and director of Shore Financial Corporation, a publicly traded banking company from 1985 to 2008. Mr. Harvard currently serves on the board of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta. He served as a director from 2003 through 2012, and as its board chairman from 2007 through 2012. He was reelected to the Board in 2017.  The Federal Home Loan Bank is a significant contributor to affordable housing. During 2019, the FHLB Atlanta contributed $1.6 million for homeowner’s assistance to 289 families in Virginia. In addition, 16 affordable housing initiatives in Virginia received nearly $7 million in funding which supported over 1,200 units of housing for low income veterans, seniors, and families. Mr. Harvard served as Chairman of the Board of the Virginia Bankers Association in 2018-2019, its 125th year of service to Virginia banks. He has served on volunteer boards including Shore Memorial Hospital Foundation, Eastern Shore Rural Health, Inc, Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, Broadwater Academy, and the United Way of the Northern Shenandoah Valley. In 1991, he led a group of business leaders to found the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore which has raised over $7 million to improve the quality of life for its residents. He currently serves on the boards of Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury and the Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury Foundation, the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Community Bankers Bank in Richmond, and the Virginia Bankers Association.

Past recipients include:

2019   Darcus Breneman
2018   Dr. Cheryl Thompson-Stacy
2017   Dr. David Sovine
2016   Dick & Darlene Kent
2015   Dennis Kellison
2014   Kurt Beyreis                
2013   Diane & Terry Sinclair               
2012   Terry Tierney                 
2011   Judy Paige-Grim
2010   John Hudson
2009   Todd Thompson
2008   Byron Brill
2007   Harry Smith
2006   Wendell Dick
2005   Kim Stutzman
2004   Tom Malcolm
2003   Mary & Bill Nordman
2002   Jim Stutzman, Jr.
2001   Betty Barr
2000   Bruce Downing, Esq
1999   Bill Huntsberry
1998   Jack Fretwell
1997   Bill Buckner
1996   Barry Lee Bowser
1995   Brookie Phillips
1994   Don Louque
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