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Account Information Sheet

Account Information Sheet - Campaign Year: 2019

Please help us prepare for the 2019 Campaign by completing the webform below.

This year, as we prepare for campaign 2019, we are updating our records and want to order adequate supplies to serve your companies campaign needs.

Please complete & submit the form below by July 1, 2019. Completed forms will be entered to win some United Way swag!

We look forward to working alongside you and your company for another year as we tackle the most pressing needs in our community.

Thank you for your support and your assistance in making a positive impact in your community…everyday…the United Way.

For questions or assistance with this form, please contact Hilary Legge at

If you have more than one campaign coordinator, please just list one and we will be in contact with them to get names of others if applicable.
Please only include employee at locations in our catchment areas of City of Winchester, Frederick County, Shenandoah County and Clarke County.
Choose all that apply
If you aren't sure on what your 2019 campaign dates will be, fill in "not sure" or a rough estimation like "September some time"
(Find more info at: Day of Caring is September 12th (North) and 13th (South)
(NEW sponsorship opportunities available please contact for additional information)
The Pacesetters program has accounted for 8-20% of the campaign in the last five years. Pacesetter campaigns are those conducted before the general campaign kick-off in September and set the tone for the Campaign. Pacesetter campaigns normally kicks off in Mid-August.
Members of The Society of Emerging Leaders (The SEL) are young professionals (in their 20's and 30's) who give $250.00 or more annually to United Way NSV and who want to work to make our community a better place by providing opportunities for education and service that require members to lead. Sponsorship Opportunities are listed here:
(VAN provides crisis intervention training to inform and educate on resources available in the area.
United Way provides UW materials to your newly hired employees year-round.
Provide donated products for the United Way use or distribution.
Financially assist United Way in covering meeting expenses. Recognition is provided at meetings and special communications.
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