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Valley Assistance Network

Who We Are

The Valley Assistance Network (VAN) is a program of United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley created to help families navigate community resources and create a path to financial stability. 

What We Do

In short, we help working families move them from crisis to stability.  The core service of VAN is a comprehensive Resource and Referral System.  We help people in crisis access information and services to meet their basic needs and stabilize their situation.  We provide a coordinated network of services to help people navigate resources like finding shelter, clothing, food, medical care, job training, etc. In phase two of the program, we offer the tools and resources to help families become self-sufficient, and ultimately, financially secure.

VAN has quickly become a vital resource for the Northern Shenandoah Valley.  In less than two years in operation, VAN has helped more than 1,200 families connect with medical providers, housing services, food, transportation, counseling, and other critical community resources, to help improve their lives.

Our Background 

Navigating the complex social services system is incredibly challenging for the most educated people.  VAN provides immediate crisis intervention services and meets a critical need in our              community, in an efficient way. 

  • Thirty-percent of all clients report that they are stable after receiving services. 
  • A $462 investment can provide STABILITY for one family.
  • One out of every two families we serve are homeless or at-risk of immediate homelessness.
  • VAN utilizes of team of dedicated volunteers to serve as resource navigators and case managers.

Click to view a summary of our first year accomplishments! 

Here are more statistics from our first year of operation:

  • 85% of referrals made are for Financial Stability resources; 10% for Health and 5% for Education.
  • 125 families report being homeless. 176 families are at-risk of being homeless.
  • 71% of clients are ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed).  They are working but not earning enough to make ends meet.
  • 40% of clients are single parents.
  • 1 in 3 clients have medical insurance, and just 1 in 4 have a primary care doctor.
  • Just 26% of families have a bank account.
  • Housing assistance, eviction and homelessness are the top reasons for contacting VAN.

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Located: 411 N. Cameron St. Suite 210, Located on the Our Health Campus

Open Monday – Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Fridays by appointment only